Native ICS cybersecurity

Best-in-class cyber OT solution fully compatible with legacy infrastructure.

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Secure extensible and scalable solution

Network assets inventory and network segmentation; define firewall rules and conduits; encrypt all data and communications; monitor network performance, and update software to mitigate vulnerabilities.

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Designed with CISOs. Built for CISOs

Reduce impacts on your network and minimize downtime at affordable price. Embrace digital transformation.

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“Plug&Protect”: zero-touch provisioning solution

Compatible with existing legacy equipment and protocols. Secure your infrastructure without modifying any IP address or device configuration.

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Cybersecurity to protect your digital transformation

Protect legacy PLC

Fully compatible with legacy PLCs and protocols.

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Protect your ICS network

Protect your ICS devices and networks with advanced cybersecurity.

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Protect EWS

Authenticate and encrypt communications between EWS and production.

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Protect your data

Fast, secure, and reliable data extraction for Industry 4.0.

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ICS Encryption

Unique industrial encryption with low-latency below 1 millisecond.

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Supported vendors

Mercury, protect your ICS infrastructure with best-in-class industrial cybersecurity

Easy to deploy

Advanced ICS cybersecurity features fully compatible with legacy devices and protocols. Network segmentation, firewall, edge protection, legacy PLC hardening, and network encryption with an easy-to-deploy solution.

Increase your ROI

Protect your legacy ICS networks and devices and increase product life for better ROI and long-term amortization. Don’t need to replace your infrastructure to embrace digitisation. Avoid cybersecurity features and avoid downtime.

Save up to 70% of costs

Deploy a smart solution for data capture adding cybersecurity to networks, devices, and data, and save up to 70% of your cost in your network asset discovery and inventory project.

Reduce your exposure

Hide and protect all your industrial devices by obfuscating all traffic and avoid exposing vulnerabilities arising from your digitisation project. Reduce attack surface adding an isolation layer to your ICS network.

Fast, secure and reliable data collection

Extract data and secure your data ownership. Add authentication and encryption and integrate your data with analytics and monitoring tools on-premise or in cloud. Native integration with SIEM and analytics tools.

Unique ICS Encryption

Protect industrial protocols and devices with our unique low-latency encryption technology. World’s unique encryption below 1 millisecond latency! The only encryption fitting industrial requirement.


compatible with legacy devices and industrial protocols


per site. Fast and cost-effective deployment


Unique low-latency encryption for industrial protocols


Most awarded ICS/OT cybersecurity company

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We provide leading edge ICS, OT and IOT cybersecurity solutions to protect our customers in their digitization transformation towards Industry 4.0

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