IoT data ownership
Data access, control and traceability management
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Ensure data sovereignty in shared networks, throught 3 principles.


Prevention from system users data misuse by controlling data access authorizations and monitoring data traces.


Protection against industrial malware attacks by encrypting and signing messages among sensors, actuators, PLCs, SCADA Servers HMI devices in OT networks.


Additional security layer at application level that avoids access to non-authorized data.

Use cases

Enigmedia's approach on solving several indurstrial problems.

Smart factory

Minimizing the impact of malicious attacks in advanced factories.

Smart manufacturing

Simplifying the process of device authentication on IIoT platforms.

Smart grid

Data as enabler of new products and services.

Satellite communications

Increasing the Quality of Service in constrained channels.



Gerard Vidal, CEO of Enigmedia

Gerard Vidal


Carlos Tomás, CTO of Enigmedia

Carlos Tomás


Scientific advisors

Whitfield Diffie

Whitfield Diffie

Stanford university

Pedro Crespo

Pedro Crespo


Hector Mancini

Hector Mancini

University of Navarra

Murilo da Silva Baptista

Murilo da Silva Baptista

University of Aberdeen

Business advisors

Quatela Lynch McCurdy


Quatela Lynch McCurdy

Rajeev Singh Molares

Rajeev Singh Molares

Mundi Ventures

Javier Santiso

Javier Santiso

Mundi Ventures

Marieta del Rivero

Marieta del Rivero

Business advisor


Mundi ventures, investor of Enigmedia
Capital riesgo pais vasco, investor of Enigmedia

Members of

Enigmedia, member of the ISO commite
Enigmedia, member of the ecs
Enigmedia, member of aenor

Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo ha cofinanciado el desarrollo del proyecto “Servicio seguro de alojamiento y distribución de ficheros con autenticación central y cifrado mediante un cifrado propietario robusto y ligero” (con número de expediente TSI-100200-2014-1).

Ministerio de insdustria, energía y turismo.

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