Enigmedia builds native cybersecurity solutions.

Enigmedia builds native industrial cybersecurity products to protect ICS, OT, and IoT infrastructure in an easy and cost-effective way. Our "All-in-One" multi-functional appliances deliver: assets discovery, network segmentation, firewall, conduits, encryption, and threat mitigation.

Enigmedia products are compatible with legacy devices and existing configurations. We design and develop our products following best practices and international norms i.e. IEC 62543, ISO, NIST.


Be the essential security building block enabling digital transformation to our industrial customers and helping them to deliver reliable and secure products and services to the citizens.


Deliver leading-edge cybersecurity products to protect our customers in their digital transformation providing native, convenient, advanced, and secure solutions that create new competitive advantages while reducing risks and costs.

Our Values

Passion for Excellence

Deliver in time and work with our head and our hearth to achieve highest level of quality in all our products and processes.

Innovation and Reliability

Developing cutting-edge technology to be ahead new threats and cyberattacks is a driving force for our company in a fast-pace changing world.

Safety by Security

We build cyber security because is a key pillar for protection of people, profits and reputation for every organization.

Meet Our Team

Ion Otazua


Gerard Vidal

CSO & Founder

Carlos Tomás

CTO & Founder

Some Facts About Us

We provide leading edge OT and IOT cybersecurity solutions to protect our customers in their digitization transformation towards Industry 4.0


Less than 1 ms latency with M:N encryption


Awards Won


Seamless deployment:

1 day per site


Compatible with legacy equipment and industrial protocols

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