Protect legacy PLC

Industry digitisation may expose legacy PLC to malicious hackers who may exploit their vulnerabilities. One of the biggest challenges of digitisation is to protect these PLCs because sometimes is almost impossible to implement patching policies due to complexity, interoperability, and risk of downtime. Enigmedia’s product Mercury Edge protect your legacy PLC in a cost-effective way and with plug&protect deployment, avoiding downtime and protecting your PLCs from cyber attacks.


Protect your ICS Network

Enigmedia’s product Mercury UTM is a unique unified threat manager specifically designed for industrial networks and devices. Mercury UTM delivers advanced functionality providing: network segmentation and micro-segmentation from level 0 to level 5 in the Purdue model; firewall for industrial protocols, conduits definition, industrial network encryption with unique low-latency technology adding less than 1 millisecond latency; protection to legacy devices, and native integration with SIEM and analytics tools. Mercury UTM has been designed with industry CIOs and CISOs and following IEC-62443 principles. Deploy Mercury UTM and protect your ICS infrastructure in conformity with highest standards.


Protect the Engineering Workstation (EWS)

Some of the most harmful attacks impacting industrial plants are attacks coming from inside the ICS network. The EWS is an authenticated device within the ICS network. If the ESW is compromised, it may inject malformed packages and produce huge damages to the production. Enigmedia’s product Mercury EWSProtect eliminates this risk isolating the EWS by additional authentication and encryption and ensure that your EWS cannot be utilised by malicious attackers.


Protect your data

Industry 4.0 promises reduction of costs and increase of revenues through process efficiency, predictive maintenance, machine learning and new business models. Data is the new competitive advantage. How can I protect my data from origin to cloud and benefit from Industry 4.0 revolution? Enigmedia provides fast, secure, and reliable data collection adding authentication, integration with PKI, and encryption to benefit from Industry 4.0 initiatives with peace-of-mind.


ICS Encryption

Encrypt industrial protocols with no impact to existing processes. Most of industrial communications are not encrypted. Why? Industrial protocols are very sensitive to latency, and current standards are not suitable to encrypt these protocols and keep low latencies. Enigmedia has developed an extreme low-latency encryption technology enabling industrial protocols encryption with negligible latency. Our technology only adds less than 1 millisecond to existing process! This is a unique technology that can be applied to different industrial use cases as well as to secure communications in different fields (i.e. 5G technology related applications)


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