Critical infrastructures

Energy, water, oil gas, chemical, and other critical infrastructures must deploy advanced cybersecurity features to mitigate attacks and to comply with standards and regulations. Enigmedia’s products provide funcionalities in conformity with IEC-62443 and other industrial standards and best practices: ICS network segmentation, micro-segmentation, firewall, conduits definition, protection of legacy devices, network encryption, and secure data collection for integration with analytics and monitoring tools.

  • Protect large infrastructures with certified products
  • Increase product life and improve your ROI
  • Comply with regulations, standards, and best practices



Digitisation increases attack surface and expose your most valued assets to cyber threats. Add advanced cybersecurity features to protect your ICS networks and OT devices and ensure your factory availability. Enigmedia products allow you to protect your plant in an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective way.

  • Protect production lines and legacy devices
  • Improve your ROI and protect investment
  • Cybersecurity as a competitive advantage


Industry 4.0

The 4th revolution is all about getting value from data. Enigmedia products allow you to extract data from your industrial devices and processes with the highest level of security. Ensure your data ownership and data reliability adding authentication, PKI integration, and encryption to your data collection.

  • Protect your data. Protect your value
  • Fast, secure, reliable data collection and data management
  • Enjoy Industry 4.0 revolution with peace of mind


Smart buildings

Buildings represents 55% of the total electricity consumption worldwide. To achieve the CO2 emissions objectives we have to digitalise our buildings. And cybersecurity is a prerequisite for digitisation. Enigmedia protects your existing networks and communication devices adding advanced cybersecurity features to ensure you can achieve your objectives in a secure way.

  • Cybersecurity is a prerequisite for digitisation
  • Save energy securing your infrastructure
  • Protect your most valued assets from cyber attacks


Secure communications

Wherever you need to secure your communications, Enigmedia’s low-latency encryption is the perfect technology to achieve the toughest requirements. Our unique technology enables encryption with latencies below 1 millisecond. In addition, this encryption technology is very light, so it can perform encryption in low capacity processors and battery-free sensors.

  • Encrypt your communications everywhere
  • Extreme low-latency encryption (below 1 ms.)
  • Adapted to any device and protocol


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