Securing data in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives

Full data-ownership for your most valuable data

LOTU delivers best-in-class security to OT & IoT connectivity, creating safe communication channels over public and private networks, perfect for remote site communications and indusrtry 4.o initiatives such as monitoring or data analytics (Ethernet, OF, LTE, 4G, 5G).

This solution combines the best of VPN with Enigmedia OS advanced security features, creating a lightweight and highly efficient secure communication solution for distributed networks, minimizing time delays in real-time communications, while protecting most valuable data with PKI based authentication and encryption.

LOTU comprises 2 key elements: a security enhanced agent LOTU Cipher deployed on each remote site, and LOTU Central as a centralized management console for data centers and control rooms, including an intuitive user interface for Cipher onboarding and configuration.

High-Level Architecture

Secure remote site communications to data centers and control rooms


Grant Data Ownership

Avoid vendor lock-in for your industry 4.0 projects, extracting and managing data with full ownership


Protect sensitive data

Capture OT and IoT sensitive data with optimum protection with LOTU Cipher cyber-secure sensors


Build your own data lake

Separate data collection from the application stack, delivering the data you want to the tools you need


Fast and easy deployment

Plug-n-protect solution deployed in less than 2h per site with no downtimes nor reengineering

Secure all data packets, unlike traditional VPN solutions that allow Split Tunneling and tunnel shut-down

Unique lightweight L2 encryption with latencies below 1ms and no impact on network performance

Authenticate connections and eliminate unauthorized access, protecting data with PKI based security

Get alerts in your SIEM for SOC or MSS, and enjoy easy integrations with other tools

Act instantly on alerts and anomalies by configuring firewall rules in a centralized console, without having multiple tools

Integrate your data into third-party data analytics and security monitoring applications

Advanced protection and detection for Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation

Digital transformation & industry 4.0 initiatives generate large amounts of extremely valuable data. Capturing and sending data must be done with maximum security levels to avoid data breaches.

For any industrial enterprise, and even more in critical infrastructures, cybersecurity and data ownership is essential, as they might be constantly exchanging data from one tool to another.

Therefore, solutions aiming to protect data which guarantee availability, integrity and confidentiality are required. Best practices recommend to use certified and industry standard based products.

Supported vendors

Fully compatible with top leading vendors in industrial environments and critical infrastructures


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