Use cases

Addressing security challenges for OT networks in industrial environments and critical infrastructure

Network discovery for protection and monitoring

OT networks usually have physical and real time components for controlling the operation of an automated industrial plant or critical infrastructure. These components or OT assets can either be physical or virtualized and they tend to be connected with other assets. In order to manage OT networks and implement security measures, it is necessary to visualize the current state industrial systems. It is very common to find legacy and unpatched devices, vulnerable connections and entry points for attackers, therefore having an accurate asset inventory is a great starting point for protecting OT networks. Once you have discovered your OT network, you can start implementing security measures such as network segmentation or security monitoring.


Data ownership for Industry 4.0 initiatives

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 aim to increase the value to the entire production chain mainly through the intelligence of data generated by intelligent hardware and software. Thanks to the increased IT/OT convergence, OT data can be consumed by analytics tools, ERP or MES systems and other business intelligence applications. It is a must to secure the data collection and sending process, assuring full data ownership and avoiding vendor lock-ins or vulnerabilities generated by third parties. In order to secure your data in an efficient way, it is a highly recommended practice to use data collectors independent of vendors and build secure communication channels over your public or private networks.

Express OT network segmentation for Brownfield

ICS devices must communicate with one another and with other sub-system devices, creating multiple cells within OT networks. Implementing traditional perimeter security around the entire network as a single unit is not enough. Each group of systems must have their own defined and enforced security measures, such as dividing the network into zones based on functional units or asset criticality. Traditional ways of network segmentation such as VLANs or routing are not efficient due to their complexity. Network reengineering is mostly needed, plus configurations of IP addresses and ports lead to operational downtimes and additional costs. Enigmedia solves all these issues with a fast and easy to deploy tool for network segmentation.

Critical asset obfuscation for ICS

By using search engines dedicated to scanning all open ports, or scanning the ports themselves, hackers can remotely take control of critical infrastructure run largely by ICS that weren’t built with security in mind. It is very common in ICS to have legacy devices that have been in the field operating for years or decades. These devices, such as PLCs, sensors, gateways, or even workstations are so out-of-date that they are no longer patchable and therefore very vulnerable to cyber attacks. To overcome this, it is crucial to implement cybersecurity solutions compatible with legacy ICS in order to create a security overlay and hide all critical assets. Learn how you can mask your OT assets with Enigmedia.

Unique encryption for low-latency scenarios

Many industrial protocols and communications in ICS are not encrypted because current encryption standards add non-acceptable latency to the industrial process where data availability is the highest priority. Thus, any successful unauthorized access to the network would allow an attacker to inspect and manipulate traffic. Our encryption technology is the world-fastest encryption, adding less than 1 millisecond to the existing process and keeping the highest security levels. Enigmedia offers a unique encryption technology for OT and IoT environments, perfect for protecting industrial processes, protocols, IoT and ICS devices, TSN, and 5G communications. If you have an encryption challenge, we can overcome it.

Enabling MSS with native OT security tools

Managed Security Services provide outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, and vulnerability scanning. MSS uses high-availability security operation centers to provide 24/7 services. The difficulties in the field of security are shifting and evolving rapidly. Various new threats are arising frequently and fiercely, making the situation critical for MSS. Enigmedia solutions enable building MSS, making it easy to integrate these services with our tools and allowing MSS providers to deliver a deeper level of security incident investigations with secure communications from OT networks as a key element.

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