Attacks to manufacturing plants have increased dramatically during last years resulting in billions of Euros in loses and reputational damage to companies worldwide. Vulnerabilities of legacy devices and exposure to unprotected networks have allow attackers to get inside manufacturing networks to steal trade secrets or to infect systems with ransomware.

Enigmedia products allow to create secure industrial network and deliver protection to sensors, PLC, HMI, and gateways, securing OT/IT integration with an efficient and easy to deploy “Plug&Protect” solution.

Mercury has been designed following IEC-62443 principles to match our customer need and requirements.

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Human and goods are on the move all the time. Security on transport systems and transport infrastructures is critical. Any attack to train, sea, or air transport can mean not only serious financial losses but also damage to people.

Enigmedia works with vehicles manufactures and secure signalling providers to deliver the highest level of cybersecurity to both industrial processes and to the products they deliver to the market.

On top of firewalls, secure zones, and conduits, compliant with IEC-62443, Enigmedia offers a certified encryption technology which adds negligible latency (less than 1 ms.) to existing processes, which is of the utmost importance in security signalling and alerting.

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Distributed networks with a myriad of legacy sensors, devices and systems build-up the grids of Electricity, Gas, and Water providers. These critical infrastructures serve seamlessly to all citizens in their daily lives. Digitization of these infrastructure can bring clear benefits in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance maintenance processes, and deliver a better service to citizens.

Cyber attacks to these infrastructures may constitute a massive damage to entire society. Enigmedia technology allows to encrypt and protect data and communications, building up a scalable network protected by logic firewalls and obfuscation encryption.

Thanks to this approach, our system detect the presence of any threat before it can get access to the network and before attackers can identify devices and their vulnerabilities.

Our technology allows to limit every risks at maximum creating secure zones and conduits from a central console following IEC-62443 norm and offering a easy deployment with zero-touch provisioning based on “Plug&Protect” concept.

Oil & Gas

Oil&Gas industry is specially under the focus of public scrutiny and any incident related to this industry may generate massive financial losses and reputational damage. In addition, they issue may become an environmental crisis.

As an innovative industry which is also strongly regulated, Oil&Gas industry is proactive embracing digitization and IoT initiatives, and therefore the inherent risk related to IT integrations and old and legacy devices is increasing.

Enigmedia “Plug&Protect” cybersecurity products are the perfect match to protect and secure refineries and large distribution grids. Enigmedia products add immediate security to sensors, PLC, HMI, SCADAS, and to their integration with existing IT systems.

After deploying our devices, it is very easy to define and manage secure zones and conduits from the central console following IEC-62443 recommendations. The network is fully scalable and distributed with M:N encryption and adding no-latency to the existing process (just less than 1ms.).