Enigmedia builds native cybersecurity solutions.

Enigmedia provides native industrial cybersecurity products to protect ICS/OT networks and devices allowing our customers to embrace digital transformation with easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solutions. Enigmedia’s products have been designed together with industrial CIOs and CISOs and in conformity with international norms, standards and best practices. Enigmedia helps to mitigate industrial threats with advanced cybersecurity features.


Build cutting-edge industrial cybersecurity products to protect critical infrastructures and industrial companies in their digitisation journey.


A secure digital world where citizens can enjoy essential products and services with reliability, security, and peace of mind.

Our Values

Passion for Excellence

We work with our minds and hearts to achieve the highest level of quality in all our products and processes.

Innovation and Reliability

Developing cutting-edge technology to be ahead of new threats and cyberattacks in a fast-paced changing world.

Safety by Security

We build cyber security because is a key pillar for protection of people, companies, and institutions.

Core Team

Ion Otazua


Gerard Vidal

CSO & Founder

Carlos Tomás

CTO   Founder

Board Members

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Enigmedia creates native ICS cybersecurity products. Please contact us to discover how we can enhance your cybersecurity position mitigating your cybersecurity risks and reducing your exposure.

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